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Dealership Stock


B/L (Bill of Lading)

A legal document detailing the type, quantity, and destination of goods being shipped, serving as a shipment receipt.

CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

A shipping term that includes the cost of the vehicle, insurance, and all shipping costs to the designated port of destination.

CNF (Cost and Freight)

Similar to CIF but without insurance, meaning the seller pays for the cost of the vehicle and freight to transport it to the port of destination.

Clearing Agent

An agent that handles customs clearance on behalf of the consignee, ensuring legal importation into the destination country.


The individual or entity listed as the recipient of the vehicle being shipped, responsible for receiving the vehicle and handling import procedures.

Duties and Taxes

Financial charges imposed by a government on imported goods, with rates varying depending on the country of import.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

The projected date and time when the vehicle is expected to arrive at the destination port.

ETD (Estimated Time of Departure)

The projected date and time when the vehicle is expected to leave the port of origin.

Export Certificate

An official document verifying that the vehicle has been legally exported, containing details like make, model, and VIN.

FOB (Freight on Board)

A pricing term indicating the cost of a vehicle includes all expenses up to being loaded onto a shipping vessel at the port of origin. In this case, all the expenses in Japan.

Forwarding Agent

An individual or company that arranges the transportation of goods, coordinating between carriers and handling logistics.

Import Regulation

Rules and requirements set by a country regarding the importation of goods, including vehicles, with regulations varying by country.

In-House Translations

The service provided by ZervTek where auction sheets, originally in Japanese, are translated by ZervTek agents, eliminating the need for external translation services.


A document detailing the cost of the vehicle, shipping, and any other charges, essential for payment processing and customs clearance.

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)

Vehicles and products specifically designed and manufactured for the Japanese market, known for their high quality and unique specifications.

JDM Import Documents

Essential paperwork required for the legal importation of a vehicle, typically including the Bill of Lading, Export Certificate, and invoice.

Japanese Auction Portal Access

The process of creating an account on ZervTek's auction portal, necessary for accessing and participating in vehicle auctions.

Japanese Auction Sheets

A condition report provided by auction houses detailing the condition, specifications, and history of vehicles up for auction. ZervTek provides in-house translations of these sheets to make sure the customer understands everything about the car.

Japanese Auctions

Dealer-only auctions in Japan where a variety of vehicles are sold, serving as a primary source for ZervTek's vehicle sourcing. The auctions let ZervTek source cars for customers at wholesale prices with a wide variety of vehicles to choose from.

Methods of Communication

ZervTek encourages the use of WhatsApp for efficient communication regarding inquiries and support. Customers can also reach out to ZervTek via email for inquiries, support, or more detailed information about services.

Nationwide Auction Coverage

ZervTek's ability to source vehicles from a network of Japanese auction houses across Japan, ensuring a vast selection for customers.

Payment Methods

The acceptable forms of payment for purchasing vehicles and services from ZervTek, includes PayPal, bank transfers and Wise.

Refundable Deposit

A security deposit paid by the buyer to ZervTek before bidding on a vehicle demonstrating the buyer's commitment, fully refunded if the bid is unsuccessful.

Releasing the BoL

The process by which the original Bill of Lading is surrendered to allow the consignee to take possession of the vehicle.

Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) Shipping

A method of shipping vehicles where they are driven onto the ship and inside the vessel's cargo area, often more cost-effective than container shipping.

Shipping Methods

ZervTek ships vehicles using containers and RoRo.

Vehicle Inspections

A thorough check-up of a vehicle before purchase, conducted to assess its condition.