Vehicle Bid Process

Bidding on vehicles is easy with Zervtek.


Register on our auction website and contact us via WhatsApp. Our agents will provide real-time personalized support with translations, price estimates, additional photos/videos, and place bids for you.

refundable Deposit

A security deposit is required to participate in the auction/bidding process. The deposit is 100% refundable in case of an unsuccessful bid but can be reused for further bidding until we secure a vehicle. Deposits can be made via Paypal or a bank transfer

Start Bidding

You and the agent will work closely to pick vehicles that will suit you. The agent will also provide you with auction sheet translations, price estimates, inspections with photos/videos, and place the bids on your behalf.

Successful Bid

After a successful bid, the invoice will be sent. You will be able to pay us through our available payment options within the time frame specified on the invoice. The total price will be calculated based on the price of the car + FOB and/or CIF.


Shipping will be arranged after confirmation of payment to the preferred port of destination. Digital copies of documents will be sent before shipping whilst the original documents will be dispatched through courier services after the vehicle has been shipped.


You will be contacted when the vehicle is about to reach the destination port. Please take the required documents to release the vehicle.