The Toyota AW11 MR2 was the first JDM vehicle to have a midship born in 1984 with the engine, powertrain and undercarriage being adopted from the E80 series Toyota Corolla. The introduction of the MR2, an acronym for Midship Runabout 2 seater, attracted a lot of attention at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1983. It later went on to win the Japan Car of the Year award in 1984.

Toyota used the existing FF corolla components by reversing them and installing them in the rear seat position thus reducing it:s manufacturing costs. This method was also used in the Fiat X1/9 released in 1972 which is said to have pioneered the midship layout with reduced costs.

The MR2 debuted with three grades:
The base grade S was equipped with a 1.5L single-cam (SOHC) 3A-LU engine.
The high-grade G and G limited were equipped with a 1.6L twin-cam (DOHC) 4A-GELU engine.

The base grade S had the chassis code AW10 with the latter two being labeled the AW11, synonymous with the first generation MR2.


Chassis codeE-AW10E-AW11E-AW11
Full length3,950mm3,950mm3,950mm
Vehicle weight920kg940kg950kg
Engine type3A-LU4A-GELU4A-GELU
Maximum output83PS130PS130PS
Maximum torque12.0kg・m15.2kg・m15.2kg・m
Transmission5-speed manual
4-speed AT with
2-way OD
5-speed manual/ECT-S5-speed manual/ECT-S

In August of 1986, the MR2 underwent some minor changes. At the center of these changes were the newly introduced grades. Two new grades fitted with a new 4A-GZELU 1.6L DOHC engine equipped with a supercharger. One of these grades also came with a T-bar detachable roof!


SGG-LimitedG-Limited SuperchargerG-Limited Supercharger
T-Bar Roof
Chassis codeE-AW10E-AW11E-AW12E-AW13E-AW14
Full length3,950mm3,950mm3,950mm3,950mm3,950mm
Vehicle weight960 kg1.010 kg1,020kg1,070kg1,100kg
Maximum output83PS130PS130PS145PS145PS
Maximum torque12.0kg・m15.2kg・m15.2kg・m19.0Kgf・m19.0Kgf・m
Transmission5-speed manual
4-speed AT with
2-way OD
5-speed manual/ECT-S5-speed manual/ECT-S5-speed

The MR2 was one of the most fun vehicles ever made in the JDM market. Follow the success of the AW11 MR2 came the more improved Toyota SW20 MR2!

How much does a Toyota MR2 cost?

Purchase and import from Japan

Below is a MR2 G-Limited Supercharger T-Bar Roof edition that we got and shipped for a customer through the Japanese auto auctions. With its age, the MR2 can be imported into the US, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and many other countries.

So, if you’re interested in importing your own MR2 SW11 or MR2 SW20, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll give you an outline of the costs to be expected and get you the perfect one for you with auction sheet translations and inspections with photos/videos before the auctions!

Please note that videos could not be uploaded and a more thorough inspection was send to the buyer before the auctions.