How To Buy



Make an inquiry and let us know what you’re looking for


Access Auction & Make Bid

Check all stock available in Auction to find your required car.



Make a deposit which will be 100% refundable to start making bids on cars in Japan Auto Auctions


Bid Result.

If the bid is Won we will send you the invoice to make the balance payment.
If bid is Lost we will refund your deposit or you can use it to bid for next car.


Make Payment & Shipment

Make balance payment and we will ship your car to your destination port.

Why Buy Cars from Japan Auto Auctions?

Cheaper Prices

Japanese Car Auctions are best source of vehicles at low price, as they are sold at competitive price in Auctions.

Wide Variety

Over 100,000 vehicles are available from all major auction halls in Japan to choose your preferred vehicle.