Learn to read Japanese vehicle auction sheets!

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE  An auction sheet is something that comes up regularly when you’re looking to buy a vehicle from Japan. It’s a very effective tool to see the condition of a vehicle through several different stages. Although it may seem a little daunting, with this guide, we hope you will be able to understand

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Why can’t customers see the USS auctions anymore?

The real story Currently, all exporters are having trouble with customers not being able to see proper (blurred auction photos) USS auction photos. USS is very strict on their data being shown via third party providers and there is a good reason to be strict on that. That is why we provide all upcoming lists

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How to import a JDM to Australia

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE There are several ways a vehicle can be imported into Australia. Customers need to be careful and check the vehicle’s eligibility and Australia’s restrictions to make sure it is allowed for import to avoid facing possible punishment under the Crimes Act 1914. The most two common import options are:1. Importing a vehicle

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