Why can’t customers see the USS auctions anymore?

The real story

Zervtek’s live auction site with USS Yokohoma

Currently, all exporters are having trouble with customers not being able to see proper (blurred auction photos) USS auction photos. USS is very strict on their data being shown via third party providers and there is a good reason to be strict on that. That is why we provide all upcoming lists for the JDMs you are looking for as well as the provide fully translated auction sheets for each car you are interested in. We also provide USS Ninja accounts for our top buyers who buy in large quantities or long term customers.

We also provide pre-auction inspections with extra photos and videos before getting the all-okay and the go-ahead before we bid on any JDM.

Zervtek’s live auction site with Mirive Saitama

All other auctions work splendidly on our auction site so if you’re interested in gaining access, please contact us via Whatsapp or Inquiry  

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